Life Lately 6: How's Life in 2020?

Hey, loves! It has been a while since I last posted something personal on this blog especially a Life Lately update and I just realized two years have past since Life Lately 5. I'm never consistent with that, I know and I am sorry! 😅

How are you doing? I hope you are all okay and safe especially during this pandemic. I know a lot of us are struggling now, but please have faith in Him. We're all going to get through this. *hugs* 💗🤗

So what happened to me over the past two years?

While most of my friends got married and have their babies, I am still here unmarried and still enjoying life the way it is. Haha! No pressure at all! Joseph and I are already on our 9th year as a boyfriend-girlfriend and 3 years LDR strong! ✈️ I just rarely post on my social media about us. But we still talk and update each other everyday.

I got older, of course! But most people still mistaken me as a teenager! #ForeverYoung 😂

Well, to be honest, everything just feels the same. But looking back, a lot happened already. I still work as a Virtual Assistant and I like how I can learn so much from this work even though it can be tiring and stressful. I can't believe I've been doing online freelancing for almost three years and blogging for almost four years now. 

Blogging is my passion that I can't just let go and I am glad I still get to do it even I have part-time work. I am so proud on how my blog has grown over the years. I got to do more collaborations and events from the past years. I am thankful for everyone who supports this blog and to the brands who believed in me. 🥺💖

I started traveling in 2018 where I was able to visit Isla Gigantes, Aklan, Iloilo, and Baler. 2019 is also a happy year for me since I got to travel more - Davao, Boracay, Puerto Princesa, El Nido and Macau. You can find my travel posts here. Traveling is like my new found love. I looked forward for more travels but yeah, 2020 happened.

How's Life in 2020?

I can consider 2020 as the second worst year in my life. Yes, second to the year Mom died. In January, Taal Volcano erupted. I live in Tagaytay and we were also greatly affected that time. I made a separate blog post for that. You can read our Taal eruption experience here. We still experience earthquakes from time to time. There are also predictions that Taal isn't done yet. We're praying everyday that it won't erupt again.

We were just about to rise and recover from the eruption but COVID19 happened in March up until now. It's really hard to adjust to the new normal. It's also scary because we have senior citizens at home so we're really doing our best to be careful. We just go out to buy groceries and medicines. I dined out a few times but I only do it if I am sure the place is safe. But it's frustrating to see that other people travel and gala now as if there's no pandemic anymore. There are a lot of people who go to Tagaytay again especially on weekends. 

I miss going out with friends, window shopping, and working on cafes/restos. I know I've been working from home for years now, but I still don't like to stay at home 24/7! 😆 Before the pandemic, I usually go out to cafe/restos and work there because I tend to get sleepy adjusting to WFH environment. But now, I don't feel sleepy but there are so many distractions and I feel like my attention span is short now! 😂

Our house is old and not really photo friendly. While we were stuck at home during the early months of lockdown, my family and I did a little renovation. We repainted a part of our house. It's not yet finished though since it's rainy season again. But I am happy to see the little improvements and I am proud that we did it ourselves. Most of our plants were washed out from the eruption but we were able to get more plants and have our little garden again.

I'm having a hard time making contents at home. I miss going to events and meeting my blogger friends but I am happy to have more collaborations this year with small business and big brands. It still haven't sank in my mind if I deserve all of this. But I am really thankful! 💕

I was also able to fix my SEO so some of my blog posts are now doing well. And speaking of blog, I feel guilty for not sharing personal posts. This blog started like a journal to me and I still want to preserve it just the way it is because I want to connect with you. I've been busy these days because of work but I am really trying my best to still have time for blogging and making contents. 

I still love to watch Kdramas. If you read my previous Life Lately or if you follow me on Twitter, you will know I discuss and make short kdrama reviews. But now, I post my kdrama reviews here on my blog and it is more detailed. Most of it are from this year's kdramas though. Still thinking if I'll post the ones that I already watched. Let me know if you're interested on that! 😊

I know most of us were all looking forward when this year started without knowing what it will bring us. I thought I can travel more this year but it didn't happen. It might be the worst but it is definitely life changing and I hope everyone of us learned something from this year. 

Just a reminder that the pandemic isn't still over so I hope we all continue to be cautious and mindful of all our actions. 

And before I end this post, happy 8k likes/follows to Wild and Sassy Blog's Facebook Page! 🥳

I am not sure when I can update again my Life Lately but I will do my best. And hopefully, you still like to read this kind of posts. Honestly, I kinda want to keep my life lowkey. But heck, I miss Tumblr days! Haha! I also have a lot of ideas for contents to make. Please watch out for that! 😉

'Til next time,
Elaine 🖤


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