2020: A Year in Review

Started this year hopeful for a new beginning and a great year but it turned out to be just the opposite. 2020 is a memorable year for each and everyone of us as we are greatly affected by the pandemic 😷. It wasn't a great year to start with but I am proud to survive all the challenges. 

This is my 5th Year in Review and reading my previous entries makes me feel like a different person. I feel old already. Haha! But I am still me. Still into blogging, kpop, kdrama and food! Despite all the bad happenings this year, I somehow accomplished a few things especially in blogging.

It was in January 12 when Taal Volcano erupted which is very near where I live (Tagaytay) and we were greatly affected by it. I shared my detailed on a blog post: How We Were Affected in Tagaytay by Taal Eruption 2020

We were just about to rise from the ashes in February and March when COVID happened here in the Philippines. We were on total lockdown for a month and strict quarantine up until today. I never thought this will take long. Haha! Pandemic is still not over at 2021. I did post a life lately recently. 

My former boss hired me in March and I am working with him until today as a VA 💻. He started his own company in July and I was his only employee at first. We're now growing somehow which I am happy to see. Meaning, I'm doing a good job right? Haha. It was very hard at first because I don't have day offs. Yep, I never thought I'll be this hardworking (as if? lol). Good thing I was able to manage my time and give my days off now. I was also able to finally set up my home workspace 🥺.

Since the lockdown, I did home contents and I was able to collaborate with small businesses and known brands. I got busy managing my work and making contents everyday. I admit, it is tiring especially if I have deadlines for posting while hustling with work at the same time but it's all worth it. I am so proud of myself for doing this even though I suck at time management. Haha! I also felt guilty for not getting in touch with my friends and relatives because I got really busy. 

I also started posting kdrama reviews here on my blog. If you've been following me on Twitter, you'll know that I did a thread where I post my kdrama reviews. But you know Twitter, there's a character limit. I was able to post 8 kdrama reviews already and they're getting high views so expect more next year! 😉

It was just recently when I got back to reviewing food and restaurants. Of course, I am always careful whenever I go out. I make sure that the place is not that crowded. Tagaytay gets traffic 🚗 especially on weekends. Sobrang lala madalas!

My Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer this year. It's another challenge for us. My Mom died of cancer almost 7 years ago and I feel like "here we go again".. It's sad for our family but we will fight. Please pray for her! 🙏

Adulting hits different when you're in late 20s. Haha! But so far, I am enjoying it minus the financial management. Haha! Kaka-Shopee ko 'to eh! 😆 I am happy to see my friends and relatives getting married and having babies. I guess we're really on that age na noh? 

Aside from the collaborations, my blog also reached a few achievements this year. Wild and Sassy Blog finally reached 10k on Facebook and 400k blog views. This blog post is my 202th. I still have so many ideas in my mind. I will try my best to be consistent on this blog and on my other social media next year. Hopefully! 

I would like to thank you for believing in me and for supporting me! I will be forever grateful. To more food adventures, Tagaytay discoveries and blogging gigs next year!

2020 feels like a short year but a lot happened and most of it are worse. I bet we all learned so many things this year. Simplicity of life. Appreciate. Give. Be a responsible citizen.

I guess it's better to lessen our expectations in 2021 so we won't get disappointed again. Please be safe always! I love you all! 💖



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