Cafe De La Memoire: A Secret Garden Cafe near Tagaytay

Cafe De La Memoire, Silang, Cavite

I found another secret spot just a few minutes away Tagaytay! This is Cafe De La Memoire. This garden cafe caught my attention from a friend of mine who shared this on Facebook. A friend and I wanted to catch up and we chose this place.

Cafe De La Memoire

Brgy. Pasong-Langka, Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Rd, Silang, Cavite

Cafe De La Memoire, Silang, Cavite

This is just a small cafe and I love the vibes here! We went there on a Sunday afternoon. We arrived there and an intimate birthday party just ended. So, yep, we were the first people after the event. Haha. The place is kinda small so it got a lil pretty crowded after an hour though. 

The interiors are simple but modern. 

Cafe De La Memoire, Silang, Cavite

If you're going here, you better Waze it because you might not notice it easily.

Cafe De La Memoire, Silang, Cavite

Cafe De La Memoire, Silang, Cavite

I love going to cafe especially for catching up with friends. Hehe! For the cozy vibes and chill.

By the way, safety protocols are followed. Contact tracing, temperature check, and social distancing are followed. My friend and I occupied this seat. 

Cafe De La Memoire, Silang, Cavite


Cafe De La Memoire Menu

The pastries are not on their menu. The prices for the cakes ranges from 120-150 pesos, I think.

Cafe De La Memoire, Silang, Cavite


Cafe De La Memoire - Chicken Fingers

Chicken Fingers (280 pesos)

From our orders, this is my top favorite. I like that it has fries on the side. One dip isn't enough though. Haha! You can ask them for a refill. 

Cafe De La Memoire - Cafe Latte

☕ Cafe Latte (110 pesos)

This is my friend's order. I am not sure how it tasted. Haha! But the latte art is nice. 

Cafe De La Memoire - Blueberry Cheesecake

🫐 Blueberry Cheesecake

This is also my friend's order and it think it goes well with the Cafe Latte. I was able to try this and I must say it's homemade and not the cheesecake that we are used to. It's more on creamy milky and you can barely taste the cream cheese. It's unique though! I just don't remember the price. Sorry! 

Cafe De La Memoire - Strawberry Latte

🍓 Strawberry Latte (110 pesos)

I was so intrigued by this. Haha! It is on their coffee based menu and I was like, HOW?! Haha. So yep, I gave in and ordered it. Surpisingly, I liked it. It is indeed coffee based. If you're also into Strawberry flavors, you should definitely try this! 

Cafe De La Memoire - Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

I thought that the Strawberry Latte would go well with the Red Velvet Cake and I was kinda right. This cake is not sweet and the slice is kinda big. Sorry, but I don't remember the price too! 

Cafe De La Memoire at night
Cafe De La Memoire at night.


To be honest, I was pretty impressed when we arrived here. It looks so much better than what I've seen and imagined when I saw it online. It is definitely cozy and the place you'd like to chill with friends and family since it's a garden cafe. For the food, however, I expected it to be more affordable though. The coffee and beverages are priced okay though. It can be full house on weekends as expected.

This is just a few minutes away from Tagaytay and it's just along Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Rd where a lot of people pass by. Best time to visit is on afternoon and on weekdays. 

Monday to Sunday
7M - 10 PM




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