Kdrama Review: So I Married The Anti-Fan (2021)

Have you ever thought of marrying a kpop idol? I know a lot of us must've! Except the anti-fans! So I Married An Anti-fan is a 2021 South Korean series starring Choi Tae-joon and Choi Soo-young. It is based on the 2010 novel which was made into a comic and was also previously adapted into a Chinese film.

Title: So I Married the Anti-fan
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Based on: So I Married an Anti-fan by Kim Eun-jung
Country of origin: South Korea
Original language: Korean
No. of seasons: 1
No. of episodes: 16
Release date: April 30 – June 19, 2021



Hoo Joon is a famous kpop idol who is also known worldwide. Lee Geun-young is a magazine reporter. She end up being Hoo Joon's number 1 anti-fan. The two end up being in a reality show where they get to know each other more.


I heard about this kdrama from a few years ago. I thought they already aired it but turns out it got delayed. I was excited because Sooyoung is the female lead. If you haven't know, I love Girls Generation. That's why I waited for this! Haha. 

Because of the delay, I think the hype is not that high anymore. Sadly. But at least it was still broadcasted. The novel also has a Chinese version which is a film but I haven't watched it. This is a simple, sweet and light-hearted drama.

This series didn't disappoint me to see Sooyoung act in a romantic comedy series. Haha! She did prove us how can she be savage. Her facial expressions are the highlight! I always knew she can act. It's just ironic that she's the kpop idol in real life! Haha. 

So let's start my review, I am actually not that a hundred percent satisfied nor happy. The casts are okay. They all did well. No doubt. However, I don't think they suit the story. With the plot, I think, the casts should be a little younger. This is just my opinion though! Maybe at least what I'll expect with the plot. But then again, they did very well in portraying their characters. It leaves a strong impression. 

The story is somehow predictable and a maybe little cliché. Except the friendship story of Hoo Joon, JJ and, In-hyung. That's a deep one! It gave a great impact in the story. It's an important highlight for me as I know it can happen in real life. The competition in the kpop industry is very intense and a lot of idols sacrifice their life, friendship and even family.

Another thing I want to emphasize here is, the social media can be really evil. One simple thing you post on social media can affect a lot of people and you may be bashed by it. Also, the world can be cruel af especially in a fandom. Many fans are toxic. Let's admit it. They think they can control their idols by not letting them date. 

If you're watching a lot of heavy and intense kdrama and looking for a light and sweet kdrama to watch, you can add this to your list! It's not what I expected it to be but it ended up still great! No regrets on watching this. 

The ending is not like the usual cliff-hanger or open-ended. This series ended up well and was executed just fine. The conflicts got the closure they needed. The main couple got their happy ending.

Can't wait to see more of Actress Sooyoung in the future! I watched this kdrama on iQiyi.

Just a disclaimer, this is just my opinion and a perspective from a person who hasn't watched the Chinese version nor read the comic. I made no comparison. The photos are also not mine and was found on Google. 


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