Is The Superface Zoom in Mesh Cushion Worth A Try?

superface zoom mesh cushion review charis celeb hicharis

A lot of beauty bloggers and vloggers are hyping the Superface Zoom In Mesh Cushion. I've been seeing this cushion for years now and I finally got to try it. And I know you're also curious, is it really worth the money?

Superface is a Korean brand but is created by two award winning TV commercial directors Larry Shiu and Jung Son in Hong Kong. Now we know why it has "Lights, Camera, Action!" on the front! 

superface zoom mesh cushion review charis celeb hicharis

Zoom in Mesh Cushion is a mesh with a dewy finish that gives enhanced cooling and soothing effects and adds a healthy glow to the skin. Multi-light reflective technology offers lightweight yet full coverage and blends into the skin seamlessly for enhanced brightness. Whitening anti-wrinkling, and UV protection keeps the skin healthy.

It has Herbal 7 Complex that helps the skin to moisturize and calms the skin. It also has mung bean extract and oat tree extract to selectively control the sweat and sebum. The 'Cotton Pit Finishing' makes the makeup not sticky at all.


  • Covers pimples, freckles, acne and blemish
  • Light and smooth
  • Perfect for a yellow undertone
  • Holds up against heat and humidity to tropical weather
  • SPF 50 PA +++
  • Dewy looking skin finish
  • Refill is included


12g / 0.42oz


12 months after opening

Made in Korea

superface zoom mesh cushion review charis celeb hicharis


It comes with a box that is actually almost identical with the product itself. Both are in yellow and black aesthetic.

The information are on the back portion of the box and most are written in Korean. There's a short English description at the bottom part. The ingredients are written on one side. It's very detailed actually.

superface zoom mesh cushion review charis celeb hicharis

PACKAGING (Product Cushion)

As for the product itself, the cushion looks expensive and high quality. It's a cushion with square packaging. The brand name, brand address, shade, shelf life, net weight, and made in Korea are written at the back portion.

It has a magnetic opening which helps us to open the cushion easily and it's pretty sturdy. It's innovative and helpful to the users. And since the product is in square, the mirror that comes with it is bigger than usual cushions and is not distorted.

When getting the product, it doesn't produce much as seen on the photo below. Maybe because it's a 'mesh' right? I like this feature because it doesn't get too overwhelming when applying the product. You can pat on the product to your skin nicely without having excess products. And it doesn't get too messy!

superface zoom mesh cushion review charis celeb hicharis


The cushion is available in three shades namely:
00. Fair
01. Light
02. Natural

I got mine in 02. Natural. It has a yellow undertone and it's their darkest shade

superface zoom mesh cushion review charis celeb hicharis

I was surprised to see a cushion that caters to morena (dark skinned) girls. Most cushions from South Korea are very light since they are made for Korean girls.

I chose this shade because whenever I buy a BB Cream or cushion from a Korean brand, their darkest shade is still too light for me. Surprisingly, this is perfect for morena girls. It's actually a little darker for me but can still work. Good thing it's in yellow undertone as well.


I have only tried this product a few times since I don't really go out often because of the pandemic. And when I do, you can see me not wearing any makeup. Thanks to face masks! Lol!

The coverage is medium to full. This is the very first time I encountered a cushion that has full coverage yet feels light weight on the skin.

superface zoom mesh cushion review charis celeb hicharis

I've only put them on my cheeks here on the photo for comparison. My skin is not that great lately and you can see how it nicely covered my blemishes. Just wow! I got really impressed!

superface zoom mesh cushion review charis celeb hicharis

Here's a before and after photo. As you can see on the left photo, my blemishes are very much visible on my cheeks. I used natural lighting for my photos as usual. 

True to their product claims, the finish is dewy and not flat matte. The shine is still visible even after applying the cushion. Looks like glass skin! Another thing that I noticed is that it doesn't stick on my pores and doesn't emphasize the texture of my skin. It's not cakey even on full coverage.

superface zoom mesh cushion review charis celeb hicharis

So here are photos of me on wearing the cushion on full face. It did cover my blemishes very well on both side of my cheeks. It sits nicely on my skin making it a no makeup makeup look. My skin but better! 


  • medium to full coverage
  • dewy skin finish
  • lightweight 
  • my skin but better
  • has SPF 50 PA+++
  • yellow undertone (perfect for Asians)
  • has a legit dark shade for morena's
  • looks really good on photos


  • pricey

superface zoom mesh cushion review charis celeb hicharis


Most of their product claims are legit. Now I know why many beauty vloggers and influencers love this cushion. I already love it too! It's worth a try especially if you don't like heavy foundations but wants a full coverage. It also looks really nice on photos! 

The only thing I haven't tested is the longevity. I noticed that it kind of transfer so it can worn off especially if you like to touch your face often like me. 

This costs ₱1,150. It might be pricey, yes. But well, cushions are actually pricey here in the Philippines. I already expected it would be more than one thousand. However, this one's definitely worth it. You get what you pay for.

How about you, girls? Have you tried this one? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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