Mystill Hills, Ligaya Dr, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite, Philippines

Enjoy Your Coffee with The Overlooking View of Taal Lake at 16th Cent Koffie Tagaytay

16th Cent Koffie Tagaytay

Tagaytay is known for a quick escape from the city and there are a lot of coffee shops and restaurants to choose from. Each has a unique aspect to offer just like the picturesque view of Taal Volcano. 

16th Cent Koffie is a newly opened coffee shop just 5 minutes away from my home and it has an overlooking view of Taal Lake. Perfect view to chill while sipping a coffee of your choice and think about your life decisions. Haha! 

16th Cent Koffie Tagaytay


16th Cent Koffie, The Observatory Tagaytay, Mystic Hills, Ligaya Drive, Sungay West, Tagaytay City, Cavite

This coffee shop is located at The Observatory Tagaytay, an events place and bed & breakfast. 

16th Cent Koffie, The Observatory Tagaytay

The Observatory Tagaytay

This is the entrance of the place. Parking space is available but due to public demand, it might be full especially on weekends. The place is easy to find if you have a private car and if you will use public transportation.

We went there after lunch and there were no other people when we got there so we got to enjoy the view and place just for ourselves. After quite some time, more customers arrived.

16th Cent Koffie, The Observatory Tagaytay

This place is just as perfect for events like weddings and photoshoots. The view is scenic and relaxing. Imagine having your prenup with this view? Breathtaking, right?

The volcano is also emitting steam when we got there but no worries. Nothing major happened that day. I just wore my casual clothes since it's just very near our home.

16th Cent Koffie, The Observatory Tagaytay

The coffee shop is located down the place and might take you at least a hundred steps down. So brace yourselves! Haha. 

16th Cent Koffie

16th Cent Koffie Tagaytay

We went there almost a month ago but I am just able to post it here on the blog now. Sorry, this is a late post again. I know. Haha!

Their staffs are friendly and helpful. The service is good! Since the place is new, most of their stuff is also new and very clean.

16th Cent Koffie Tagaytay

The coffee shop has a simple vibe. It's definitely not fancy but very cozy. It is spacious enough for social distancing. 

16th Cent Koffie Tagaytay

They also have Al Fresco dining which we chose so we can enjoy the view like tourists. Haha! Great spot to catch up with friends and family. I think they're also pet friendly as we saw a customer who brought her Husky with her. There's also a resident cat at the place.

16th Cent Koffie Tagaytay


Since they just recently opened, their menu is not yet finalized. There might still be changes so I won't post it here. Their drinks range from 100 to 200 pesos. Pasta is around 280 pesos to 300 pesos. They have bread that ranges from 75 pesos to 100 pesos. No cakes though! 

Here's what we ordered:

16th Cent Koffie Tagaytay Breads

For their bread, we tried Ham and Cheese Bread and Korean Garlic Bread which I like the best out of the two. It's not the Korean Garlic Bread that we see online. I wonder what's their inspiration for this. It's like Spanish bread but more on the creamy side and minus the sugar. 

16th Cent Koffie Tagaytay, Pasta Negra

For the pasta, we tried their Pasta Negra (280 pesos) which is their best seller. I was supposed to get the carbonara. But to try something new, we got this one instead. To be honest, I am not a fan of this one. It's just my preference as I don't like spicy food. Yep, this one is spicy for me. I guess it's from the garlic. The noodles are not soggy though. 

16th Cent Koffie Tagaytay

For the drinks, we ordered one iced and one hot coffee to try. I'll try their frappe next time! We got their Iced Koffie Karamel Macchiato and a hot Koffie Latte.

I am biased here because I like my coffee sweet so I like the Iced Koffie Karamel Macchiato. But the Koffie Latte is also good! 

16th Cent Koffie Tagaytay


So far, my experience is somehow good! They just recently opened so their menu might still change. I hope they improve their food though and I'd like to see more pastries or cakes! I like to pair my coffee with something sweet like a slice of cake.

This coffee shop is a bit pricey. I bet it's because they have an overlooking view. It's already what I expected. The data signal is weak in this area both Smart and Globe services. 

I think it's best to go here in the afternoon specifically at sunset if the weather is good. Ber months can be rainy and foggy sometimes. You won't appreciate the view if you go on these days but cold days are the best days to have coffee though! 


✨ Limited dine-in capacity inside the coffee shop. Al Fresco dine-in available. 
✨ Schedule and dine-in rules might change depending on the COVID restrictions. It's better to check their social media to know their schedule.
✨ Safety protocols are followed. You need to log in on the contact tracing logbook and get your temperature check. Face masks and face shields are required.
✨ Pet friendly.
✨ Coffee (iced and hot), pastries (bread), and pasta available.
✨ Overlooking view of Taal Volcano. Super nice place to take photos! 📸
✨ Price range is 500-1000 pesos for 2pax. Mej pricey. 
✨ Parking space available. 
✨ Data signal in the area is weak.


Private vehicle: Use Waze or Google Map.

Public transportation: From Tagaytay Rotonda, you can ride a tricycle and tell them that you're going to a coffee shop near Bukas Palad or Bagong Silang. The fare should be around 60 to 80 pesos (special ride). If you're going to ride the jeepney (People's Park), tell the driver to drop you off at Tagaytay Elementary School or Ligaya Drive. Then you will ride a tricycle going inside which will cost you 30 pesos for a special ride. It's also the same if you're from Tagaytay City Market. Tricycle fare should be 30 to 50 pesos for special ride. 


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