2021: A Year in Review

Some parts of our life are not always colorful and I must say 2021 is that year. I learned so many things and I believe it made me the stronger person I am today. Too many silent battles but I’m glad I made it. This year is a rollercoaster ride as we grieve for the lives we lost but I'm also thankful for the little achievements I made.

I look forward to writing my year in reviews and I always say that I am a different person every time. But this time, I feel like I got to know myself from a much deeper perspective. I met the strongest and matured version of me this year and never could've been more proud. 

Losing three people who are our family and are very close to me is definitely what I expected this year. It's the hardest for my family as they are only months apart. All of them died because of cancer. Mama Tin died last May 7, Inay Fely died last June 22, and my Ninang Bhabes died last October 3.

God knows how much I tried to be strong for my family and I did my best to make Mama Tin's last moments memorable. It was very different from my Mom's death. My Mom just fell asleep while Mama Tin really suffered from the disease which really broke our hearts. She's one of my Mama and I treated her like a Mom too. I was the one accompanying her to the hospital for her checkups and laboratory tests. I saw how cancer gave her a hard time. When she passed away, our family feels empty and the house is not the same as before. It's much quieter now.

A month after, we didn't expect Inay Fely's condition to worsen as she's already on her second to the last chemotherapy session. We thought she's doing good and she's going to recover soon. But it's not what happened. It was very sudden and I cannot believe what happened. It took me a while to absorb what was going on. With their deaths, my panic attacks came back. 

Ninang Bhabes is one of my Mom's bestfriend. She always spends her Christmas and New Year here in Tagaytay. Sadly, her last visit was four years ago. I think she had a stroke before and then she was diagnosed with cancer too later on. Plus the pandemic. She was not able to come back here. She's very active on social media and with my busy schedule at that time I didn't notice she was not active anymore. My Dad was the one who noticed and on that day we received the news she passed away. 

With what happened, I learned so many things just like "Live without regrets." We don't know what can happen in the future and it's better to always give your all especially with your family. Show them how you love them especially your parents. They are not getting any younger. The sad reality, they won't be with us forever. Losing your loved ones, the truth is, I don't think you can heal from it. The pain of losing someone will always be there. You'll just learn to get used to it. You will always remember and miss them. 

This year, I was able to conquer my trauma and phobia with dogs as I finally adopted one. Her name is Lilac and she was given to me by Inay Fely and Ninang Ruby. I must say she's one of the best things that happened to me this year. Though at first, it's not that easy for me. I had her when she was just a month old. It took me a while to adjust because I was scared of dogs ever since I was a kid. Inay Fely gave her to me because she said dogs can also be helpful if you're experiencing stress. Actually, I almost gave up but good thing I didn't and I was finally able to really get connected to her. I also took over the custody of Stormy, Mama Tin's dog. And she looks so much better now. Never thought I'll love dogs so much now.

I learned so many things about dogs and I got platinum on Shopee because I bought too much stuff for them. Haha! I also started feeding some stray dogs when I get a chance. Every time I go out, there were times dogs and cats approach me. Haha. I think they feel if you're someone they can trust or if you're a good person. Aside from dogs, we also have birds and fish now. I got them so my family will have something to get busy with as we're still healing. Effective naman! Hehe. 

This is the year I got Winter, my first car. Sad that Mama Tin was not able to see it. I got it in May and I got our garage fixed because of it. The garage is also an achievement for me because I didn't know it'll be expensive to fix or build something! Haha. I also experienced my first vehicular accident this year. It's not my fault though and the good thing is no one was hurt. It was talked about in a peaceful manner. I also learned so much from it. 

Did a few little changes in the house again. I'm happy and proud to see little improvements. It's more adulting this year and I didn't expect it's already next level. Haha! Will definitely do more this coming year as I have more projects in mind.

As for this blog, it's another busy year. I got more collaborations and I am again indeed thankful for everyone who trusts and supports my blog. It's not my best because of what happened with my personal life, but I hope I'll get back again on track. Happy that I get to earn from this passion project of mine. It's already my side hustle. I have a lot in mind and I can't wait to share it with you. To more cafe and resto reviews! 

Sad, I was not able to review a lot of kdramas this year. I got burned out and busy with my personal life. I had a hard time writing and watching. Hopefully, I can do more again this coming year. What kdramas and series can you recommend? Just let me know! 

My boyfriend was able to finally come home after four years of LDR! Another highlight of my 2021. It feels surreal! I thought it would be awkward but it feels like nothing really changed. We were able to travel to Boracay and it's our first travel (also on this pandemic). It's his family getaway and they invited me.

Glad I am able to be with him much longer this time. We celebrated our 10th anniversary this year by the way! Another thing to be happy and proud of is what we have both achieved as individuals. We used to be just students but we can now eat wherever we want now.

Of course, above all, I am thankful to God for the things I achieved this year and for making me this strong despite the circumstances. I'll know He has his plans for me which I know are greater than mine. And I'll be indefinitely happy again in His perfect time. 💖 

I don't want to manifest anything for 2022. Whatever happens, happens. I hope I won't lose anyone again. I just want me, my family, and my friends to have good health and more blessings. 

I miss writing personal stuff here on the blog. Till next time! 

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