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Where To Eat in Boracay: The Sunny Side Cafe

The Sunny Side Cafe Station 3 Boracay

Looking for a place where to eat or a cafe in Boracay? Here's a recommendation from me! I was able to try The Sunny Side Cafe when we went to Boracay last November 2021. It's a beachfront cafe that serves all-day breakfast and specialty coffee.

📍 The Sunny Side Cafe, Station 3, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

The Sunny Side Cafe Station 3 Boracay

I saw The Sunny Side Cafe on our 3rd day in Boracay when we passed by it after our day tour. I was actually surprised that it's just a 5-minute walk from La Carmela Hotel, the hotel where we stayed at. We were so tired from the day tour so Joseph and I just decided to eat here the next day for lunch. 

It was ber month but it was a warm day. The cafe has a Western vibe and is very chic. You can also feel that it's expensive here. Haha. But it's so worth it! The place is not jam-packed when we got there. Probably because it's too hot that other people don't want to go out yet. 

The Sunny Side Cafe Station 3 Boracay

Boracay was so peaceful last November 2022. They were greatly affected by the pandemic and a lot of establishments were still closed at that time. There were just a few tourists on the island because RTPCR tests are still a requirement, unlike today. 

The cafe is located at the building of Boracay Sands Hotel. I think they also have a branch in Station X (Supermagic Burgers) and D'mall (Spice Bird). Each has a different menu and best sellers. 

The Sunny Side Cafe Station 3 Boracay

This is what the cafe looks like inside. Since it's warm, the customers prefer to dine inside. This area has ac. And as you can see it's not crowded and there's proper social distancing. The staff is accommodating and they refer their best-sellers since it's our first time here.

The Sunny Side Cafe Station 3 Boracay

To be honest, I can't remember what I ordered! Haha. But of course, it's iced coffee! I think this is their Vietnamese-Style Iced Coffee (200 pesos). Just what I needed from the warm weather and my caffeine fix! 

The Sunny Side Cafe Station 3 Boracay

Bacon and Mango Grilled Cheese (550 pesos). I actually didn't expect this to be good! This is their staff's recommendation and their best seller. It did not disappoint! This is bacon with their own mango jam and mozzarella cheese. Super tasty when dipped in the tomato sauce. It was huge but it was pretty expensive tho! 😅

The Sunny Side Cafe Station 3 Boracay

For dessert, we had this pie. I can't remember what it is called but I think I can't find it on their current menu. It's like a smores pie and it's just okay for me. 

The Sunny Side Cafe Station 3 Boracay

This was our early lunch. We were supposed to go cafe hopping but Joseph's family texted us for a family lunch at Mesa. This is why we only ordered this much.

I know this place is expensive but it was such a great experience. Most restaurants and cafes here are actually expensive. The food here is worth it and they have a lot of healthy meals and all-day breakfast on their menu. The cafe is also aesthetic and clean. Plus points! We also saw the people at the other table and they're like working there. I guess it's also a nice workplace on the island.

If I'll be in Boracay again, I'd definitely go back here to try their pancakes. Hehe! Since it's summer, I know a lot of people are going to Boracay now. You should give this a try! 

STORE HOURS (as of May 2022)

Daily - 7AM to 7PM


via The Sunny Side Group hotlines: (0915) 805 0640 and (0960) 528 7955


There might be changes on the menu, store hours, and hotlines. You may check their social media accounts for updates! 



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