Kdrama Review: All of Us Are Dead (2022)

All of Us Are Dead (2022) was released last month and it has been on the Top 1 on Netflix for most countries since then. It is a South Korean modern zombie apocalypse television series starring Park Ji-hoo, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-Hyun, and Park Solomon. 

Kdrama Review: The Red Sleeve (2021)

The Red Sleeve is a 2021 South Korean drama based on the historical romance between King Jeongjo of Joseon and his royal concubine, Uibin Sung. It is starring Lee Jun-ho (2PM), Lee Se-young, and Kang Hoon. 

2021: A Year in Review

Some parts of our life are not always colorful and I must say 2021 is that year. I learned so many things and I believe it made me the stronger person I am today. Too many silent battles but I’m glad I made it. This year is a rollercoaster ride as we grieve for the lives we lost but I'm also thankful for the little achievements I made.

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