Exploring Capiz & Iloilo

June 13, 2018 Philippines

My relatives and I had our vacation last May. We toured around Capiz and Iloilo. Ninang Ruby and Aunty Fely are originally from Mambusao, Capiz and they always go there once or twice a year. Our original plan was to go to Boracay because I haven't been there. And our little princess, Cindy, wants to celebrate her birthday at Boracay again. Sadly, Boracay was closed by the government before April ended so we had to cancel our hotel bookings there and change our plans. And that didn't stop us. Haha!

Ra & Gowoori Real Kill 9.9 Horse Oil Cream Review

June 09, 2018

I've been struggling with really bad acne since December 2017. It started to get worse in January the next year. But first, I just want to say that I have PCOS and for me, that is one of the reasons why I get bad acne. It just got worse this time. I joined a kbeauty group on Facebook and that's where I found this product that helped me get rid of my acne scars. Here's how the story goes.

Ra & Gowoori Real Kill 9.9 Horse Oil Cream

This product is from the skin care line of Ra & Gowoori. I recently joined them on their opening event at Trinoma last May. If you haven't seen that post, here is the link: Ra & Gowoori Official Launching Day. By the way, this is also called the Real Kill Black

Product Claims

This cream contains horse oil from Jeju island that forms a thin moisturizing and protective layer on the skin. Known for its anti-aging and whitening properties, the Real Kill 9.9 Horse Oil Cream lightens dark spots and improves the signs of aging. Prevents evaporation of moisture and leaves skin dewy. Formulated with skin whitening and highly moisturizing hempseed oil.

Price: 550 pesos for 50g


This product comes on a gold box with holographic lines. Almost everything is written on the box, from the ingredients to certifications and other information about the brand. The packaging is simple but very sleek. And as for the cream, it is on a black glossy tube and has gold details on it which makes it very sleek.

Texture & Scent

Just like the other creams, it is white and opaque. This might be a little heavy on the face but it can make your skin really smooth and moisturized when applied. My skin feels a little dry these past few months so I don't mind the heavy feeling at all, as long as my skin gets moisturized. This has a scent though. It smells a bit soapy to me.


No filter. Natural lighting

It was in December when I started to use this product. I bought the small version of it at first but it only lasted for less than a month. January is the month where my acne got really really bad. As you can see in the photo, I got pimples all over my face and most of it is still fresh. I continued to apply the cream to my face. Until March 2018, it improved somehow. The fresh pimples are now scars. In April 2018, I got new pimples but the old ones are slowly fading. The progress might not be in an instant, but hey, look at my face on May 2018. If you want an instant effect, honey, this might not be for you. It will really take some time before you see the effect.

On the first months of using this cream, I use it twice a day. I was kinda desperate. Haha! I use it in the morning and in the evening. I use it at the last step of my skincare routine. But after quite some time, I started using it once a day. Mostly in the morning because I really want to moisturize my face first thing in the morning. Others use this to whiten their underarms.

No filter. Natural lighting
And this is my face today. I still have pimple scars and my face is still not perfect but look at that progress, honey! I can also prove the whitening effect of this cream. My boyfriend and I noticed that my face got a little lighter than the usual (Before we hit the beach, lol). It took me awhile to post this review 'cause I really wanted to see the effect after 6 months.

I was really amazed by this cream and I definitely recommend this. I actually wanted an instant effect at first and I was about to give up but good thing I didn't. Aside from this cream, I used fewer products so my skin can take a break. If you wanna know my latest skincare routine, just comment down below! :)

Disclaimer: With all the pictures and stuff as my proof, this is my honest review. My acne photos are not edited nor filtered. Keep in mind that this product may have worked for me, it doesn't guarantee that it will also work for you. We have different skin types. I have combination and acne-prone skin.  I just want to share my story and the effect of this product on me. Buy at your own risk.

Where To Buy?

Facebook Page: Ra & Gowoori
Brand: Ra & Gowoori
Price: 550 pesos for 50g (Shipping fee excluded)
Made in Korea

A Day at Garin Farm, Iloilo

June 04, 2018 San Joaquin, Iloilo, Philippines

My family and I went to Iloilo last May. From more than three hours, we traveled from Carles to Adhara Eco-Boutique in Oton. We were supposed to be in Guimaras the next day for the festival but one of the hotel staff told us that it was the last day of the festival and it won't be worth it anymore. He suggested that we can go to Garin Farm instead. So that's what we did the next day.

BLK Cosmetics: Creamy Cheek Paint + Lip & Cheek Water Tint Review

April 15, 2018

I got really curious about BLK Cosmetics' K-Beauty Collection. And I finally gave in last Tuesday! I bought one cheek paint and one water tint. I also thought of doing a review to share with you guys because this is one of the most hyped products online right now. So, are these products worth it?

BLK Cosmetics recently launched their K-Beauty Collection which consists of their BB + CC Cream Stick, Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow, Creamy Cheek Paint, three new lipstick shades and All-Day Lip & Cheek Water Tint. We all know that Anne Curtis, BLK Cosmetics' Creative Director, is a fan of Korean dramas and this line might be influenced by that. According to their website, the brand's goal is Uncomplicated Beauty: To simplify your makeup routine with no-frills, quality cosmetics."

I bought one cheek paint in Strawberry and one water tint in Cherry. I only bought two products because I just want to try it out. I bought them at SM Department Store, Mall of Asia. I wanted to buy the water tint in Orange though. Haha! I didn't buy the cream stick because I prefer medium to full coverage foundation and it might not work on my skin because I have pimple marks on my face.

in Cherry

Photo and swatches from blkcosmetics.com.ph
Product Description: Here's a stain that stays. Our watery tint delivers a fresh, vivid color that's great for achieving just-pinched cheeks or just-bitten lips - perfect for that lowkey Korean look. The intense but blendable pigment lets you go as sheer or as vivid you prefer and guarantees a natural-looking all-day flush.

Product Claims: Long-wearing, Cruelty-free, Made in Taiwan

Net Weight: 2.5g

Price: 249.00 pesos

Available Shades: Pink, Red, Cherry, Orange


I used to be a lipstick girl, but things have changed. Haha! I am now into lip tints and it is my go-to lip product as of the moment. I actually like gel tints more than water tints because it lasts longer. So let us proceed with the product...

Can we first appreciate their packaging? Especially the boxes! Yeppeuda! I also appreciate that the price is already written on the boxes. They didn't put the price code on the product itself, unlike other brands. The product is actually good. It is moisturizing on the lips and it is pigmented. The color payoff is also good when applied to the lips. It has a bendable flat doe foot applicator which helps with the ease of application. I originally wanted to buy the Red one but I find it 'too bright' so I chose Cherry instead. It has a strong bittersweet taste and for me, it is kinda bothering. I don't like bittersweet taste on my tints tbh. And since this is a water tint, it doesn't last that long.

However, for the price of 249.00 pesos and the weight of 2.15g, there are still other tints that have more product but has the same or lower price. If you get what I mean. Sorry guys! I just have to be honest. This is just my opinion though! But for everyday tint or go-to tint, keri na din.


Bittersweet taste
Value for money

in Strawberry

Photo and swatches from blkcosmetics.com.ph
Product Description: Meet our foolproof, K-style liquid blush. The light, silky texture melts on skin seamlessly, delivering a soft veil of color with a healthy, second-skin finish. Use the wide applicator to finger-paint on cheeks - it's hard to accidentally apply too much.

Product Claims: Long-wearing, Cruelty-free, Made in Taiwan

Net Weight: 5 ml

Price: 349.00 pesos

Available Shades: Strawberry, Peach


I really love this product! I like how it sets on the face. It really has that second-skin finish. Unlike the lip and cheek tints, this looks more subtle and natural on the face. It is also long wearing. It has a big applicator that mimics the size of a finger. I swatched both shades when I was about to buy it. I think the Peach one is more pigmented than Strawberry. If you want a summer and sunkissed look, I recommend that you get the Peach one. But if you like a more natural and subtle blush like me, I'd recommend Strawberry for you. Or get it both! Haha! These shades can go well with any skin tone. It will just be a matter of preference. This is worth 349.00 pesos, others might think it is a bit expensive. That's what I also thought before but after using this product, I think it is worth it.

I have one issue with this product though. I am not sure if it is the applicator or the consistency of the product or maybe both but this product tends to spatter as you open the tube and it gets messy. Sayang yung product, to be honest. It is not as creamy/thick as I thought it would be. It is a bit liquidy so you better be careful in using this product.

Second-skin finish
Long wearing
Value for money

Packaging (It tends to splatter and gets messy upon opening)

I only used the two products on my face. No foundation, etc. Please excuse my imperfections. LOL

I love the Creamy Cheek Paint! I definitely recommend it. As for the water tint, if you a lip tint collector, go buy it. But if you are looking for a tint that lasts and you don't like the bitter taste, this might not be the one for you.

Where To Buy
Official Website: www.blkcosmetics.com.ph


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 This is not a sponsored post. I bought these products with my own money and I just want to share my thoughts.

Althea Bare Essentials Review

April 08, 2018

Althea first launched the Althea Velvet Powder last year and now they are launching their own skincare line, The Bare Essentials. All the products from this line are hypoallergenic and cruelty-free. You know that I love Althea and anything K-beauty so I was really excited when I received the products. First, I would like to congratulate Althea Korea for another successful launch! 

The Bare Essentials aims to minimize and simplify your skin care routine with just 3 simple steps. I admit, I always use many products for my face ever since I've gotten into kbeauty and skin care. I would use a cleanser, toner, aloe vera gel, creams, face masks, something to exfoliate and many more. There are times, especially at nights, when I get lazy to do my skincare routine. I am not the only one, right?

The box includes:

1 Contour Cleanser
1 Primer Water
1 Fixer Cream
5 Sample Sachets
1 Mirror
1 Marble Accessory
1 Pamphlet

P.S. The Fixer Cream and Primer Water has their own box. The Contour Cleanser has no box but it was wrapped and sealed with plastic. The mirror, on the other hand, was in a box as well and everything was on a bubble wrap when I first opened the box. I already used the products when I took this photo. Haha! The 5 sample sachets are not included in the photo above. I forgot to include them. Sorry! P.S. I love the mirror!

Step 1
Contour Cleanser
Micro Bubbleshots

Product Description
Microcapsules pop with water to gently but effectively exfoliate and remove impurities from the skin. Detoxify your skin and create a defined, slim face shape.

Key Ingredients
Ice plant, Lemon verbena leaf

300 pesos (150g)

Step 2
Primer Water

Product Description
Keep your steps to a minimum with a 2-in-1 toner and primer. Made with patented dewdrop technology, it smoothens and even out the skin, prepping it for the next step and leaving the skin with a youthful glow.

Key ingredients
Snow lotus, Patented dewdrop technology

500 pesos (200ml)

Step 3
Fixer Cream
24Hr Hydration

Product Description
Feel layers upon layers of moisture as it penetrates into the skin for up to 24hrs, giving your skin the hydration it truly needs. Keep your skin feeling fresh and looking vitalized each day.

Key Ingredients
Trehalose, Green tea, Baobab tree

640 pesos (50g)


I've been using this for a week now. I stopped using my current products to try this 3-step skincare routine. First of all, can we talk about the packaging? I mean, it is aesthetically beautiful! Althea never fails us with their packaging. It is always on point. One thing about the packaging though, the labels on the products are only written in Korean. I had to search on Google to know further about the products. It would be better if it also has English labels. So let's proceed with the products.

The Contour Cleanser is thick and foamy. This is my first time to use a cleanser with microcapsules on it and it feels good on the skin. My skin feels really smooth after I use this. I am not sure with the 'contour' power of this cleanser though.

The Primer Water has a runny consistency but it more viscous than water. Just like the Klairs toner, you just pat the toner directly onto your skin. The skin will absorb more product that way. It has a minimal scent. It looks opaque because of the bottle but when you pour it out, it is translucent/clear. This product brightens up my face and I look fresher than ever.

Among the three products, the Fixer Cream is my favorite. First, it is because of the packaging. It comes in a plastic glass tub yet it looks very sleek and classy. I like that this cream does not feel super heavy on the face and it is not thick unlike the common creams on the market but it does moisturize my face and makes my skin really soft. It has a minimal scent and is not sticky on the face.

I have acne-prone/sensitive skin. I already had two pimples when I first used the products. After three days of using it, my face experienced another few bumps. I feel like the product did not soothe the pimples that I already have so I tried to put another product. I also noticed that my nose area tends to oil up more after I wake up the next morning. I am not sure if it is the toner or the cream that triggers it.

With that, I think I would recommend this for my girls who have normal to dry skin. The 3-step skincare routine won't work for us girls who have sensitive skin. I feel like we really had to put another product to really prevent our face from getting pimples and to get rid of acne scars. I know, the struggle is real to have sensitive skin. Nevertheless, I can still use them but I will add another product to this routine.

Where to Buy?

Brand: Althea 
Prices: Contour Cleanser - 300 pesos
Primer Water - 550 pesos
Fixer Cream - 640 pesos
Made in Korea


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Disclaimer: The products were sent to me by Althea for review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company or its affiliates, in any way. All of the photos are mine.

KLAIRS Supple Preparation Unscented Toner Review

April 01, 2018

Dear, Klairs believes in 'Simple Skincare': they use a minimal number of products catered to our exact skin type to produce best results. The Supple Preparation Facial Toner is one of their best sellers and is also an award-winning product. I've heard a lot of good reviews all over the internet. Just recently, Klairs decided to develop the unscented version of it. They launched it at Wishtrend.com last March 15, 2018.

Ra & Gowoori Official Launching Day at TriNoma

March 16, 2018

I attended the official launch of Ra & Gowoori last March 14, 2018, at Trinoma. This is the first ever event I attended at north. It is more than three hours away from my home. Haha! Anyway, Ra & Gowoori is a new brand. Mrs. Melissa Lee, a fellow Filipina, is the woman behind this brand together with his husband, Mr. Lee Sang In and the company president, Mr. Lee Eung-Kwan. Ra & Gowoori is made in Korea but is a Filipino brand by heart.

The program started at around 4:30pm but we were already there by 1 o'clock in the afternoon for some reasons. It was held at the Cinema area of the mall. I've known this brand for almost a year already. I was invited to their group. I got curious and so I tried some of their products already. As what the president said during his speech, the prices of their products are much cheaper compared to others because it was directly shipped straight from the factory in Korea to the Philippines.

Ra & Gowoori Products

The event was filled with Youtube stars and influencers. I got to meet them and took photos. I still have that fangirl side of me! Heh! The event ended at 6 o'clock in the evening. I really had fun even though I went home at already 11 o'clock in the evening.

I just want to thank Mrs. Melissa Lee and the whole team of Ra & Gowoori. And of course, congratulations!

How to avail their products? Join their Facebook group SaeliYuriMelissaLee's All About Korean Cosmetics and Skin Care and you can find your nanay angel there. Please like their Facebook page as well, Ra&Gowoori Cosmetics 라앤고우리
This is it for now. I will post the product reviews soon. Sorry for being inactive for months! I promise to make it up to you and I hope I can post more before the month ends. If you have any suggestions for my next post or anything you want me to review, just comment down or message me. ;)

Fighting My Demons & Finding Myself

February 08, 2018

I was a bright and bubbly kid back in the days. My Mom and the other people close to us would treat me like a princess. They would always give me presents on my birthday and even on ordinary days. I grew up thinking that they like me that much but I guess I was wrong. They love my Mom, not me. Growing up for me might look easy as it seems to others because they thought I have "everything". Little did they know I struggled to fight my 'demons' ever since I was a kid. But don't get me wrong, I love my Mom so much and I owe everything to her.

"Naku yung anak ni Ma'am Lai, masyadong spoiled!"

I grew up hearing people labeling me as a spoiled brat just because my Mom won't let me clean our house, wash my clothes or even the dishes. My Mom would always throw a birthday party for me and we always go out on a date. In addition to that, most people think that my Mom bought me everything I wanted. Yes, I admit that I am into material things before but you probably didn't know what my Mom taught me as time went by. I really hate it when I hear people label me as a spoiled brat. I was an only child. What would you expect? People who said that must be envious. I ignored all the things I heard just because, of course, I was too young to explain myself. Just because my Mom raised me in a different way, it doesn't mean you are all entitled to judge me that way.

I also grew up with a broken family. My parents are not married. My Mom was a single parent. It was not a big deal for me at first. I was okay with it as long as I am with my Mom. But my Mom introduced my Dad for the first time when I was four or five years old. I was happy that time, really happy, and I felt complete. At least I knew who my Dad was. My Mom explained to me everything as I grew up. I did not hate my Dad. I just knew I love him. However, I heard a lot of things again from the people around us.

"Did your Dad gave you money?"
"Why aren't you getting any financial support from him?"
"Does he even love you?"

Even though my Mom would always say positive things about my Dad, I listened to those people with their shits and it provoked the hatred in me. I went to high school with the perspective that I should hate my Dad. I was naive and easy to believe what other people would say. That was when I started to feel lost. I had a lot of friends back then. I was still the bubbly and cheeky kid on the outside but there were times that I hurt myself physically. I cut myself and I became really emotional. I don't know but I just felt really lost. About me, myself, as a person. But on my last year in high school, I forgot those things. Thanks to my friends who always makes me laugh and keeps me busy. That was also the longest time that I've never seen my Dad but we still have communication that time.

"May boyfriend na daw yung anak ni Ma'am Lai!"
"Naku, maagang mabubuntis yan!"

I'm not really sure why the people love to judge others. We were in first-year college when Joseph and I started dating. I was so shy to say it to my Mom but one classmate of mine told her that I already have a boyfriend. I thought she's going to be mad about it but she didn't. I know my Mom approves him because she knows he has a good heart.

I thought everything is already going well. Not until my Mom was diagnosed with late-stage cancer. I was just 19 years old at that time. It happened so fast. My Mom retired at the age of 65. She was 66 when was operated for knee arthroplasty and was diagnosed with cancer. She died at the age of 67. I knew many people had a great sympathy for me. Before my Mom died, I let go of the hate. I forgave my Dad and also myself for letting my emotions control me. I love my Dad for who he is.

Many things happened after my Mom passed away. Some people promised to be there and help me. Instead, most of them left me hanging and some even pressured me. Some people even started more rumors about me. I already forgave those people, but I don't forget. I won't ever forget what they did to my Mom and what they did to me. Some are even my relatives. Oops!

I continued my studies and my life. I enrolled for my last year in college with the money that my Mom left me. During my junior internship, I was assigned to the hospital where my Mom was diagnosed with cancer. And on my senior internship, I was assigned to the hospital where my Mom had knee arthroplasty. What a coincidence! It was kinda hard at first because I always think of her. What made it harder for me is when a rumor about me started. I was not the bubbly and cheeky girl anymore. That part of me already died. I don't know why but just like before, I just ignored those rumors and did not say anything. I lost my college friends. No regrets! At least I know that they are not worth it. I continued as if I did not hear anything. Other people would think that I have attitude problem. Well, I don't care!

"Kinulang ka sa dasal kaya ka hindi pumasa sa board exam!"
"Bobo ka naman kaya ka hindi pumasa sa board exam mo!"

After graduating college, I reviewed for our licensure examination. This is where I was totally felt lost, again. If you think it is easy, I'm telling you it is not. I was happy because my boyfriend passed but I am sad even more because I did not make it. I cried so hard. I even heard a lot of hurtful words from my relatives. I did not expect it. I tried to be strong and moved on. I got a job after a month. I was okay with it not until the people around me (again) judged me.

"Bakit sa (insert company name here) ka lang?"
"Cashier ka lang?"

People are so full of themselves. I was hired as a manager assistant, not a cashier. But there are times that I do the jobs as a sales associate and a cashier just because I had to learn those tasks and we lack employees that time. Here's the reality people! If you're going to apply even on malls, most of the employers want a college graduate even if you're applying for a cashier, etc. That's the reality here in the Philippines. People will go through a lot of things before he/she gets hired. Then, you're just going to belittle them? That's BS! I need to stand up for more than 8 hours with my first job and I also need to wear heels. I was not used wearing those. I admit, my self-esteem went down but I also learned so many things. Respect. I was happy with my first job, but the people around me was too much and I also had issues from home to the point that I got out of the house and moved to my Ninang's place for a while. People here at home expected so much from me and pressured me.

I tried to self-review and took another shot with the licensure examination. But then again, I failed. That's when I told myself that maybe it was just not for me. I got another job after my second failure. I worked as a clerk in the Radiology Department. At first, I really grateful because Joseph also works there and the job is somehow related to my course. That's what I thought. It was okay at first but the working environment was too toxic! The chief was too controlling and even our co-workers were not considerate. Our workmates know that Joseph and I were in a relationship. They would tease me everytime that Joseph is not around. For me, it is not appropriate because we just barely knew each other and they would even tell me that? There are also times that I feel like they are good to me only when Joseph is around and I know they talk behind my back. So immature! I am also the one who had so much work but the pay? Nevermind! They don't even bother to help me. I was stressed af so I decided to resign again.

"Buti pa sya, pahila-hilata na lang nagkaka-pera pa din"
"Ang sarap naman ng buhay mo. Hindi ka nagta-trabaho pero kumakain ka at nakakabili ng gusto. Sarap"
"Wala na namang trabaho si Elaine"
"Hindi naman yan marunong maglaba o ng kahit anong gawaing bahay!"
"Marunong ka pala maghugas ng plato?"
"Palagi ang kain sa labas!"

After my second job, I've decided not work for the meantime. I was tired of being criticized just because my work was not related to my course. I was also so lost to the point that I even asked myself if I should seek professional help. Joseph said that I don't need it. I should just keep myself busy for the time being. That was when I got back with my first love, blogging. I did not know at first that it was my passion. I just like to do it and I am happy doing it.  I did not know that this blog would grow and open more opportunities for me.

People would think that I am 'lucky' just because I don't work but I still get money from the business that my Mom left me. Some people would think that I am just lazy. For the record, I don't work because I had my reasons. Some people would say that I don't know any household chores. Maybe because they think that I am still the spoiled brat that they know? Don't talk like you know everything about when in fact, we don't even see each other or even talk. Got that? I am not the girl you used to know. Just to clear things out, I do my own laundry. I know how to cook, wash the dishes or even clean the house. Since when? Ever since my Mom died, I do my own thing and even though my Mom died, I know how to do those things. I am so tired of hearing b*llsh*t from other people! Don't talk to me like that as if you're the one who sent me to school, gave me money or fed me. I am doing almost everything on my own ever since my Mom died. Only a few people helped me and I am very much thankful of them.

I always go out on a date with Joseph especially last year. We are now in our 6th year. He was my rock and my best friend. I consider him as my 'home' and I am me when I am with him. He was one of the reason why I did not work or why I chose to work at home. I wanted to spend time with him before he migrated to the US and it was all worth it. I like my work and the pay was even better than my previous jobs. I am really thankful that he is very supportive of what I like to do.

"Bakit ang taba mo?"
"Ang taba-taba mo na, magpapayat ka naman!"

I once answered back a relative, "What's wrong with being fat?" This is the second thing that I hate to hear. I am diagnosed with PCOS since I was 18 years old. It was not easy to maintain my weight because every time I take my medicines, I gain weight even though I don't eat too much. But don't worry! I enrolled myself in a gym, not because I want to look good for you people, I am doing this for myself, my health and my body.

"Trying hard masyado!"
"Bago mo sabihing blogger ka, ayusin mo muna grammar mo!"
"Di naman maganda ang feed nya, bakit sya blogger?"
"Blogger ka? Dapat ganito ganyan!"

I may not be fluent in English but I still like to blog and write stuff. I write in English because I want others from around the world to understand what I am writing. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. If I look trying hard to you, then please don't read my blog or follow me on social media. Simple right? If you insist to read it and bash me, you're the one who has a problem. Normal people don't do that. Maybe you're not normal? Bleh! :p Other people's definition of bloggers might be different nowadays but don't expect me to have a nice feed or to pose like a pro. I focus here on my blog. My photos may not be the best, but this is how I do it. I only use my smartphone.

By the way, I block people on social media. Why? Maybe it's better to ask yourself! :p

I was once cheeky and bubbly. I joined a marching band as a majorette when I was 11 years old. I love to dance back then. I joined a photojournalism in high school. I helped in making our school website. I wrote romance stories too. I miss my adventurous teenager self and also the lovable kid I once were. But what happened to me now? I am now the lost millennial finding herself in the middle of nowhere. Just kidding! People might think I have an attitude problem. But the truth is, if I don't like you or if I think you're a toxic person, don't expect me to be nice to you. I distance myself from toxic people.

I've been quiet for so long. This is the first time I opened this up. I still feel lost but not like the previous ones. I still haven't found myself but I am happy where I am right now. I am stronger and wiser than ever. I learned so many things but the most important thing for me is I learned to love myself. I may be the 'talk of the town' or I may have haters, but self-love helped me get through a lot.

January Favorites

January 29, 2018

I am finally bringing my Monthly Favorites back! Yay! I haven't done this since I transfered to Blogger. And omg, this blog just turned one year! ♥ I made a poll on Twitter if you want me to do a 2017 Beauty Favorites or just do Monthly Favorites again. 2017 Beauty Favorites won. But I got really busy last week with my work and January is ending soon, so I've decided to do the Monthly Favorites instead. Sorry! *peace sign*

Pura Vida Resort, Tagaytay City

January 23, 2018 Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

If you are looking for great place to stay in Tagaytay but don't want to spend that much, worry not! Pura Vida Resort will be your next destination when you go to Tagaytay! ;)

Tagaytay City has progressed into a popular tourist destination near Manila and is known for the picturesque view of Taal Lake. It is liked by a lot of people who wants a quick escape from the city. Well, I am proud to say that this is my hometown. :)

[By Wishtrend] TECA 1% Barrier Cream Review

January 13, 2018

By Wishtrend is back at it again with another product. Previously, I reviewed their Green Tea and Enzyme Powder Wash and I loved it! So today, I will be talking about the newest product from their own line of skin care products and it is the Teca 1% Barrier Cream. Just a reminder for everyone, I have combination and acne-prone skin. And currently, my ance is at its worst. Really worst! So let's get it started!

My Waxing Experience at Lay Bare

January 03, 2018

Waxing is one of the best ways to remove unwanted hair temporarily. I was in elementary when I first tried waxing my underarms. It was done at home by my niece. We used cold wax that we bought from Watsons. The one with strips. My first experience was painful af. It was like torturing myself! Haha. There was even a time when my pores bled. I stopped waxing after two to three times. I just can't do it by myself. I resumed waxing my underarms after college. It was done at Lay Bare at SM City Dasmarinas. Since then, I get my underarms waxed monthly (or every other month). I also get my upper lip and eyebrows done by threading. I wanted to try waxing my lower legs but I was hesitant at first because it might hurt more.

But recently, I finally had the courage to wax my lower legs at Lay Bare Waxing Salon, Alabang Town Center branch. It was my first time there and I wanted to share my experience with you.

Lay Bare Waxing Salon is the first ever waxing salon in the Philippines. They offer wide range of professional body waxing services. They opened their first branch in Makati in June 2006.

The Room

The things and arrangement of the room in Alabang Town Center is the same with other branches. The difference is it was a bit spacious. It was neat and tidy. There are posters on the side where you can find their products and the post waxing care. The ambiance is so relaxing.

"Strong women get things done"

The Process

Upon entering the salon, you will be asked to type your information on a tablet. As for other branches, they will ask you to write your information on their list. They will also ask you if you are a new customer or if you already have a record. There are no preparations except for brazilian or bikini waxing. However, they have a checklist/questionnaire that you have to answer. Example: Do you have your menstruation or when was your last menstruation? Are you currently taking any medicines, etc? They will accommodate you to the room and let you change or prepare for the procedure.

For lower legs, thighs, and brazilian waxing, it is convenient to wear skirts or dresses. But for me, it was cold in Tagaytay when we left so I decided to just wear jeans. They gave me a gown and a towel to use during the procedure.

Lay Bare Waxing Salon uses cold wax which is made with natural ingredients such as honey. The process looks like this. Sorry for the blurry photo. It hurts af! My pain tolerance is too low. Haha. Tiis ganda mga besh! If you are worried about the sanitary issues, the technicians always wear their gloves and face masks. I can't compare cold and hot wax since I only tried cold wax ever since. I like waxing my underarms and legs because it  makes the hair finer and it doesn't grow fast.  

So before I proceed, I want to share with you a short story. I started shaving my unwanted hairs on my lower leg when I was in college. It was my graduation day when I decided to use Veet. I wore a dress and was ashamed of my hairy legs. So I finally did it! It was a nice feeling at first, not until the hair grew back. Hah! The hair became thicker and even longer!! My first job required us to wear skirts as uniform so I continued shaving it or using Veet. My Mom and other people told me not to shave my legs but I still did. What a hardheaded kid! Hahaha! I had so many regrets. I should've let it stay the natural way. Eventually, I got tired of shaving it and I finally stopped. I didn't care about the hair anymore and that is the reason why I always wear jeans or pants. 

Lesson learned: Don't ever shave your unwanted hair, fam! Just DON'T!

Before waxing
The photo above is the outcome of shaving my legs and the photo before the procedure. Take note that I am really hairy. I have hair on my forearms too. #HairyGirlProblems #Regrets Lol! 

Lesson learned: Don't ever shave your unwanted hair, fam! Just DON'T!

The process
The tech put powder first before she started waxing. The photo above is for comparison. As you can see, there is already a huge difference. 

After waxing
My skin color looks different on the photo because of the lighting but it is actually not. Lol. There are some red spots because my skin is sensitive. It always happens to my underarms and upper lip. My skin gets really red. Being hairless feels so good though! The procedure lasted for more or less than 30 minutes. After two to three days, the red spots are still visible but it somehow subsided. The red spots were totally gone after five days. Hopefully, the hair will grow finer soon.

Other people might recommend IPL but if you are still not ready for that and you are on a budget, you may try waxing. And of course, instead of shaving. I definitely recommend Lay Bare Waxing Salon. Well, I don't remeember any bad experience that I had with them. Pain is inevitable but they always make it a fun experience. Their services are affordable and their technicians are also friendly and accommodating. I've been availing their services for more than a year now. There are times that they have a long queue so it is best to get booked online on their website or on their app. You can also have a free eyebrow threading or a discount on your birth month.

Have you tried waxing? Do you prefer cold or hot wax? Do you also get it done at Lay Bare? I want to hear your thoughts and experiences :) 


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