Before anything else, I hope you noticed my blog's new look. Haha! I actually moved from Wordpress to Blogger. I only retrieved 15 posts from my Wordpress blog though. It breaks my heart to actually move since I used Wordpress for four years already but I want to take my blogging experience to the next level. I don't want to spend for self hosting that's why I transfered to Blogger. Nevertheless, I hope you like my blog's new look. Thanks to Melissa from for helping me out! :)


BeautyMNL is a beauty online shop and an online portal/magazine based here in the Philippines. Since I live away from the Metro, the malls in provinces have limited variety of makeup products. But now, online shopping is made easy especially with BeautyMNL. They almost have everything from makeup, skin care and hair products. 

My first ever transaction in BeautyMNL was smooth. I did not have any issues with them and with the courier as well. It took 4 days for my order to arrive. Too sad the freebie was already out of stock when I bought it.

Shopping at BeautyMNL is easy. First, sign up for an account in their website after that you can already start shopping. If the product you want to buy is out of stock, you can put it on your wishlist or waiting list. They will notify you once it is available. If you're done, just input your shipping address then you will proceed for the payment. You can pay through Paypal, credit card, debit card, cash-on-delivery, and bank deposit. What I really like about them is that they notify you from time to time regarding on your order and they easily respond when you email them. You can visit their website for more info. 

Product Review

This is not my first product from Nyx. I first tried their soft matte lip cream in Milan and I really like it so much. Nyx Lip Lingerie has different formula from their soft matte lip cream. Their soft matte lip cream is already good but I can say that lip lingerie is better.

I asked some of my friends on twitter to choose between Colourpop and Nyx Lingerie. Many of them said that I should try Nyx Lingerie first. Aside from that I also read many good reviews about this product. I originally wanted to buy this in the shade Exotic but on the last minute, I changed my mind and got Embelishment instead. Of all the shades, Embelishment attracts me the most and I haven't tried any shade like this. 

This product cost 490.00 pesos on BeautyMNL. I don't know the price on the mall but price varies on online shops. It comes on a plastic tube and with a flat doe foot wand applicator. The ingredients and manufacturer is seen on the tube. The formula is creamy and the consistency is kinda thick but when you put on the lips it is not bothering at all.

Here is the swatch of the product. BeautyMNL describes the color as dusty lavender-nude. Unlike the soft matte lip cream, it  has no vanilla scent on it. There's a scent on it but it not bothering to me especially when I put it on the lips. It is transferproof once it sets on the lips. I dries quickly too. One thing I really like about this product is that it doesn't emphasize the dry patches on my lips although it is really matte and it doesn't feel really drying on the lips unlike other lip cream. The shelf life of the product is 18 months aftter opening.

For more swatches of the shades, you can check BeautyMNL for that. Click here.

Testing the Product

It was 10:30 in the morning when I tested it out and I put two layers. My lips have dark parts and I think I should have just put one layer. It looks dark on me (in reality) so I put a light pink lipstick to fix it. I was out on that day for errands.

Update: 12:54 PM. Joseph and I had lunch at Chopstop, Solenad 3, Sta. Laguna. I know most lip products are tested out the most when you eat. By the way, I ate pork with mushroom gravy with rice and buttered veggies. 

After eating lunch, the lip cream was totally removed. I already expected it since it already transferred on the glass of ice tea while we were waiting  for the food to be served. 

Final Verdict

4.8/5. I like the formula of this product and all the shades of the Lip Lingerie are gorgeous! They are all wearable and can be used for a daily makeup look. One thing I don't like is the applicator. I feel like the flat doe foot wand applicator gets a small amount of product. And thanks to BeautyMNL as well for the smooth transaction. Until next time!
Have you tried this product? Which shade from the Lip Lingerie do you like the most? Have you tried shopping at BeautyMNL? I would like to hear it from you! :)

Matte Me in Birthday Suit is Sleek Makeup’s best seller. Also, it is one of the most hyped liquid lipstick in most beauty vloggers, bloggers and makeup enthusiast like me. It is in a wearable nude shade and can be used for your everyday makeup routine.

I’ve been wanting to have this lip cream for so long. Mall of Asia is the nearest Sleek Makeup counter to me. I was planning to buy one when we went to Pasay City for Bloggers United 12. Good thing there is a blogger who is also selling Sleek Matte Me for only 350. It is not yet opened when I bought it. Good deal because I don’t have to go to MOA anymore. I just hope Sleek would have more counters especially in the provinces.

This costs for only 450 pesos. They have counters at SM Cebu, Southmall, MOA, Manila, Makati, Megamall, Cubao, North Edsa and Fairview. They also have counters in Landmark Trinoma and Makati. You can avail this online with Zalora and Lazada. Just a reminder, their products online are soldout most of time. Even on their counter at the mall.

For the packaging, there is nothing fancy with it. It just on a simple tube with a flat doe-foot wand applicator.

Here is the swatch of the product without filter and using natural light only:

I am so in love with this product because of the shade and it’s formulation. It is very wearable and it is transfer proof. I think this shade can suit all girls with different skin types. I can say that the formulation is good because unlike other liquid lipsticks, you won’t feel any drying at all. When I first applied it, it is kinda heavy on the lips. But as the product dries and set on the lips, it feels light already. I tested it out when I went out on a date with Joseph. It only faded when I ate my lunch. I had to reapply because it was too obvious already. It can be long lasting if you don’t eat. I guess. Lol! I still like it though!

Here’s a photo of me wearing this product. No filter. By the way, I have new contact lenses. Hihi.

The Gingerbread House is located at Brgy. Palumlum, Alfonso, Cavite. To be honest, I thought this is just near the Tagaytay proper but it is actually not. It’s already in Alfonso but they keep telling people that it’s just in Tagaytay. Nevertheless, this place is a must visit when you go to Tagaytay. This is one of my most viewed posts in Wordpress.

The entrance fee is just 30.00 pesos per person. I went here with Fhei and Carla on the same date when we went to The Puzzle Mansion. I didn't expect that the breadhouse would be really big and this place is indeed 'instagram friendly' which happens to be the reason why most people go here.

Here are some photos that I took when we were enjoying the place:

Inside the Gingerbread House is a snack place. They sell lots of chocolates, cookies, biscuits, and sweets. The price is not that expensive.This place also accepts reservations for events like birthdays.

How to get there?


  • Ride the bus going to Nasugbu/Balayan.
  • Tell the driver to drop you at Brgy Upli. It is near Twin Lakes.
  • Then ride the tricycle going to the Gingerbread House. One way cost 60.00 pesos. You can get the driver’s contact number so he can go back for you or you can just tell him to wait if you won’t stay long inside. Tricycles don’t pass there often.

Private vehicle:

  • Take the road going to Batangas.
  • The way going to the GBH is just near Splendido and Twin Lakes. There are signs in going inside the barangay so you won’t get lost there.

The contact number of the GBH is down below.

The Puzzle Mansion is located at Cuadra Street, Brgy Asisan, Tagaytay City. It is one of the most visited attraction here in Tagaytay. It is a modern museum of various puzzles made by the late Georgina Gil-Lacuna.

Entrance fee: 100.00 pesos only

Literally, there are so many puzzles and it looks like a painting exhibit! It is amazing.

There is a written information on the side of each painting like where it came from and how many hours she took to make it.

Literally, there are so many puzzles and it looks like a painting exhibit! It is amazing.

There is a written information on the side of each painting like where it came from and how many hours she took to make it.

This puzzle is really a huge one! It is displayed near the entrance. It really looks like a painting to me. She is also recognized by Guinness World Records with the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles on the 29th of November 2012.

This is my favorite part here in the museum, the 3D puzzle buildings. These are the different infrastructures or attractions from all around the world.

The souvenir shop is upstairs. They sell various puzzles and other souvenirs as well.

You can also see the first and second biggest puzzle in the world upstairs. It is recognized by the Guinness World Records.

So before I forgot, here are the directions on how to get here:

Commute: Take the bus going to Nasubu/Lian, just tell the bus driver that you are going to the Puzzle Mansion. Most of them know that already. Then, take the tricycle. It costs 60.00 pesos because it’s a bit far from the highway.

With car: Just take the highway going to Nasugbu. You can see the sign along the highway.

It is a nice experience with my ladies. I can say that the owner really poured out her passion in making this collection.

Hello, everyone! If you are asking where have I been during the holidays, the truth is, writer’s block hit me so hard and I wasn’t be able to post anything during the holidays. But don’t worry, here’s a new post… Wait.. Is this my first blog post for 2017? Omg, yes it is! I can’t believe it’s 2017 already!

2016 is not a good year for me. It’s not the worst for me, but still, it is not a good one just like 2015. This year gave me too much lessons and too much disappointment. I feel like nothing good really happened to me this year except that I became more active in this blog.

From January to June, I self reviewed for my Radiologic Technologist board examination. Yes, that’s 6 months. I decided to start reviewing early since I won’t go to a review center and just review all by myself. Then on July, I took the examination. On the same month, the results came out and I still failed the exam. I admit, I got my hopes high and I really got disappointed with the results. I lost my confidence.

After the results came out, I worked at a hospital. I was happy when I got the job since my boyfriend works there too. It was the first time we worked together and on the same department. We didn’t become classmates in college so I got really excited that we’ll work together. The hospital wasn’t far from my home. At some point, I thought that was a blessing since I failed the exam but I still got a job. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try to be patient, I can’t stay on my job because of some reasons. I didn’t feel welcomed after quite some time. I also didn’t get along with my boss. He was too controlling and he even commands me to do his works even if it is not on my job description. To me it is very unprofessional and even the way he speaks. No wonder most employees of that hospital always resign after just a few months. The working environment is not very healthy for some reasons. I don’t want to elaborate more of it though. My boss didn’t even want to talk to me or have my exit interview. He always reasons out that he’s busy even though he is not. He even doesn’t want to give me my last salary because of his bullshit reasons. So in the end, even though I like my job, I had to resign just to save my sanity. I swear I didn’t know where my confidence went after all the disappointment that happened to me.

After my resignation, there are so many questions in my head and I even had doubts if I still want to be a Radiologic Tecnhologist as my career. I feel that the board exam is holding me back to pursue the career that I want or getting a stable job. I still haven’t decided on what career I want to pursue. I am thinking of taking my blogging career to the next level or have photography classes. I can still remember when I was in high school. My hobbies are photography and writing. I even wrote stories on Wattpad and online I just don’t know what happened to me now. I stopped with my hobbies when I was in college. Photography and writing is not related to medical courses. I enjoyed my college life though. Now I really can’t decide which career to take.

It is so hard to decide what I want to do in my life since the culture and perspectives of the people here in the Philippines are different. They will judge you no matter what you do especially if your job is different from your degree. I heard so many criticisms about me getting a job that is not related to my degree or a job that is way to low for their thinking. Most of my relatives just want me to have a job so I can be financially responsible with my Aunt. Life is so unfair. I am stuck with a life that I didn’t want.

For the positive ones, I can say I achieved some of my blog goals this year. I bought my own domain and I became active this year. Yehey! So far that’s the only achievement I received this year, I guess. Hahaha! I also learned so much about blogging this year. It helped me do much in my blog. I improved in doing my makeup as well. Haha! I still need more practice though. And by the way, I also bought a new phone this year. Yaaas! Oh and I got new friends too! I found a true friend during my past job. Shoutout to Ma’am Venus! She’s so supportive of me and I found a true friend in her. I met some of my favorite bloggers and vloggers too.

With all the disappointments, I learned so many life lessons. It’s okay to lose some of your friends. We can’t please everybody. Not everyone deserves to know everything about you. You don’t have to explain yourself in anything you do or in whatever you decide. You don’t need toxic people in your life. Be with the people who will support you and will make you happy. Focus on creating yourself. Think of your future. Those are just some of the lessons I’ve learned. Haha!

I want to redeem myself in 2017 and be closer to God again. I haven’t decided on which path to take but I will get there. I just lift everything to Him and I just hope my 2017 to better. I am tired of all the disappointments already. I am thinking of posting a 2017 goals here on my blog so I can elaborate each of them more.

I am a lipstick girl but lately, I have been using lip tints more often. I like using lip tints because it is more natural. Aside from that, it is not heavy on the lips. Most tints are for cheeks and lip but I only use it for my lips. I have tried putting it on my cheeks but I guess I am not good in blending it. Got no skills for that yet! Lol.

One of the most hyped lip tints here in the Philippines is the Lip and Cheek Tint from KJM Cosmetics. I found positive comments about their product. KJM Cosmetics is a local brand from Davao. I finally got to try their product this week and I would love to share it with you guys. I got mine in Dolled and Summer Kiss.

It has gold and black combination on the label. It looks very sleek and I really like it. It comes on a roll-on applicator. There are some people who have issues with it but it doesn’t matter to me since I only use it for my lips. The downside is the hygienic part if you use it on both cheeks and lip. The roll-on applicator makes it easy to apply the product. The information about the brand and ingredients are also indicated on the label which is a good thing.

Beware of the fake ones. They DOT NOT produce tints with gold labels anymore. Check out their instagram or official website to know more on how to spot the fake one from the real one.

In applying this product, please be reminded that this product might stain on the teeth just like any other lip tint. It also better if you moisturize your lips first. The product might emphasize dry patches on the lips. The product doesn’t have any smell. It has a taste but not as strong as other lip tints.

Here are the swatches of Bittersweet Magenta and Summer Kiss (dried). Bittersweet Magenta is on the red shade while Summer Kiss is on the orange shade. My cousin got hers in Bittersweet Magenta that’s why I got to swatch it.

My lips are uneven. It is a bit dark on the outer part of my lips and I don’t know why. Maybe because I don’t always put lip balm before and I like to pullout some skin sometimes. It is always dry. Mind you, I don’t smoke. For real. Never in my life. 😉

I thought SUMMER KISS will suit me that’s why I chose this one. I like it in the orange shade but it doesn’t suit me well. When I apply this shade, it doesn’t spread evenly on my lips. It makes the dark part of my lips too obvious. It only shows the true color of it on the inner part of my lips. I think this shade will look good on girls who have even color of lips. This just look really good on others. How I wish it looked good on me as well! Btw, sorry for the messy hair!

They say that BITTERSWEET MAGENTA is their best seller. I tried it once and I realized why it became their best seller. It looks natural on the lips. It is in red violet shade (in between red and magenta). Again, the dark part of my lips is still a bit obvious but this is more acceptable on my lips. Why does the shades that I like/best seller doesn’t look good on me? Lol!

DOLLED is what I like the most out of three. Lakas maka-fresh lang. It is more on the pink shade, like a bit hot pink. I don’t have issues in applying this one. It doesn’t make the dark part of my lips obvious. It turns out just really good on me and it even last long on my lips.

TIP IN BUYING LIP TINT (Lesson learned): In buying lip tints, don’t depend on the sample photos. There are some chances that the shade might not suit you. Think of the type of your lips first. If you don’t have any issues with your lips and your lips are all even, then good for you. You can choose any shade that you want. But if you have a combination (a bit dark on the outside) like me, finding the right shade might be hard. We are not sure if orange or violet tint will suit you. For the universal shade, just choose the red one. It will always look natural anyhow. Lol!

Note: If a shade doesn’t suit me or I don’t like it, it doesn’t mean it won’t suit you too. It may look good on you. We have different types and standards in choosing what will look good on us.

Here’s a grabbed photo of all the swatches. They have 10 shades namely: Girl Talk, Tango, Pink Puff, Vibe, Summer Kiss, Bewitched, Dolled, Bittersweet Magenta, Fused and Bloodshot. Each product costs 110-150 pesos.

My bag and the things in it are just simple. I just bring my essentials with me although I used to have a big bag with lots of stuffs before. So here are my stuffs and why I always bring it with me..

My bag is from SM Parisian. I bought it for only 499 pesos. I remember when I bought this bag, I grabbed it and never let it go even though I am still thinking of buying it. This bag has many variety if colors and texture to choose from but I know the lady beside me was looking at this bag. I knew she liked this one. To our surprise, this was the last stock. The lady got disappointed. Hahaha! Sorry. I saw it first. :p

My umbrella. I never go out the house without my umbrella. My Mom always reminds me that I should always have this in my bag especially when commuting. And she’s right. Less hassle. I bought it when I was in 3rd year college. It is from Fiberella. I bought this at around 350 to 450 pesos and it’s not automatic.

My coin purse. I bought this at here in Tagaytay and it’s a souvenir item. Before, I always bring my Santa Barbara wallet with me. I put there all my cash, atm, and other cards. But one day, I found it bulky so I decided to get a bigger coin purse where my cards can fit as well.

My handy notebook. I got this from GE. It is a giveaway at the hospital where I used to work. It is very handy and it comes with a ballpen as well. It has sticky notes inside too. This where I write down some important info like cellphone numbers, account numbers, and bills info. I tend to forget things easily that’s why I need this notebook with me.

A perfume from ForMe. Joseph gave this to me and I really like it because it smells good and it’s in pink.

My iPhone 5s, Oppo f1s and Asus powerbank in 10,000 mAh. Every iPhone user knows the struggle of the battery of the iPhone. I had to buy a handy powerbank and I found this one at Electroworld.

Earphones. It is a must for me to have this in my bag especially when commuting. I always listen to music.

My eyeglasses case. I always bring my eyeglasses with me every time I use my contact lenses. My eyeglasses is from Asian Eye Institute. I forgot to include my eyedrops!

And another one, tissue!

Lastly, my to-go make up kit. It’s just a simple black pouch and it is from Waltermart Department store. I bought it from last week. What I always bring are my Fashion 21 two way cake, Nivea lip balm, Nichido eyebrow pencil (Kilay is life! Lol) and my Tony Moly lip tint. There are some additional sometimes like a lipstick or my contour kit. I just bring the things that I want to, depending on my mood.

For my to-go make up, I just use BB Holic in light. I put it after I moisturize my face. I don’t include it on my kit though. Then I will set it with powder. Sometimes, I put eyeshadow in neutral color just to make my eyes pop a bit. I use my BYS matte eyeshadow palette. And for the blush and contour, I use my favorite BYS contour trio. Then of course, the eyebrows. For the lips, I always use my Tony Moly lip tint but if I am on the mood for lipstick, I use my favorite Maybelline Creamy Mattes in the shade Clay Crush and Touch of Spice. They’re good for everyday look!

So that’s for What’s In My Bag and my To-Go Make-Up Kit. Have you tried any product from this list? Or do you have any recommendations for good make up products? Comment it down below! Thank you so much for reading!

I am so happy with my new phone and I realized it’s worth the share! If you wanna know my experience about this product. Just keep on reading. 😉

I always wanted iphone over smart phones but as time passes by, I realized some things and I’ve finally decided to get a smart phone instead. I  wanted to buy a new phone just because my 16gb iphone 5s doesn’t work efficiently anymore. There are two issues with me, first is the battery. It’s like the apps consumes the battery as much as it want to. Second, 16gb is not enough anymore. With all the apps that I use and it also consumes the memory of my phone so much that I only have 400mb left. I never regret buying my iphone 5s. I’ve used it very well for more than two years but I hate to admit it, it’s not practical for me to buy a new iphone since it’s not cheap. We all know it.

I’ve searched on the internet and in the malls for a good smartphone but it took me for a while to find the one. I was never satisfied with other smart phones until one of my co-worker suggested the OPPO F1S. I had my doubt about this phone before because it’s cheap and I haven’t seen and tried it personally. I searched on the internet and I was quite impressed when I saw it.

The package includes the phone itself, a user guide, charger, headset, and a clear case. I just didn’t like the headset.

On the first glance, it does look like an iphone. The details are almost the same except for the home button and the brand name which is printed also on the back of the phone. It also has a finger print unlock.

It claims to have 16MP FRONT CAMERA. I was like, “What?! Seriously? 16MP front camera?” After our duty, I asked Joseph to accompany me to the neareast Oppo Store which was at Solenad 3, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa. After trying it and seeing it myself, I thought already that “This is the one” and “I really like it. I have to buy it”.

It has 32gb built in memory and you can still put memory card on it if you want to. Just what I need! I am also happy that I can put themes on my phone now. Lol. I am still adjusting with some of the feautures. Before I forgot, this phone is in dual sim!

They only have two colors. Gold and Rose Gold. Mine is in Rose Gold. They don’t have Gold when I bought it. I bet they are sold out most of the times.

There are some smartphones that claim to have good cameras but in my standard, it doesn’t look like it. But with this product, I am quite impressed. It auto adjusts in the dark so you can still have a good photo. And it’s good.

For just 12,990 pesos, this phone is really awesome! I didn’t buy it in full cash. I actually bought it through Home Credit. I only gave a down-payment and I’ll just have to pay the rest on a monthly basis. It’s my first experience to try it and they have fast and easy transactions. Thank you Home Credit!

I can give this product a rating of 4.8/5. 1 point for the price. 1 point for the camera. 1 point for being user friendly. 1 point for the overall appearance and another .8 for the sound/music quality.

I uploaded a mirror selfie on instagram and someone asked me what phone am I using ’cause the camera looks really good. Well, I take that as a compliment. Lol. This phone is currently on fame because of its camera features and price. Many people use it already. I’ve seen it while I’m commuting. Lol.

I would also like to share some of my photos taken by this phone.

Bobbie Cosmetics is a local brand here in the Philippines. I have been searching for their website or any online page since yesterday but I haven’t found any. With that, I have no idea when did their brand started or any information.

I bought this eyeshadow palette at Watsons, SM City Dasmarinas for 215 pesos. I saw it from Anne Clutz‘s Youtube video. Bobbie Cosmetics has two eyeshadow palettes, the Smoked Out! and Into The Nudes. I bought the nudes palette since I am just starting in makeup and I am not sure if I can use the Smoked Out really well.

Product description: Get into your nude-y mode with Bobbie Cosmetics Into The Nudes eyeshadow, a collection of sweet, barely there neutrals for naturally sophisticated wearable daytime look.

Shelf life: 12 months after opening.

The product has 12 gorgeous shades and for 215 pesos, that’s already a good deal. All shades are very pigmented and quite easy to blend. It also comes with a dual ended eyeshadow applicator. The packaging is cute and simple. It just made of carton and plastic. Below are the swatches of each eyeshadow:

The swatches I made are only one swipe and I didn’t use primer. No flash, natural light only. As you can see, all of the shades are in shimmer and no matte at all. If you want mix of matte and shimmer, The Smoked Out! palette is for you. It also has a creamy sweet scent, but it’s not that strong. I doesn’t matter to me anyway. One thing that I don’t like about this product is that it is powdery and it falls off. If you’re going to use this product, apply your eyeshadow first before you proceed with your foundation because this product can go all over your face.

My final verdict: 8/10. For a 215 pesos eyeshadow, this is already a good deal. The pigmentation is quite good and the shades are really gorgeous. I think they should also put two to three matte shades in this palette.